Monday, September 27, 2010

Weight Watchers Pumpkin Cookies

I would first like to thank my readers for their votes on the Project Food Blog Challenge, however, I did not advance to the next round.  There were a lot of entries, and the competition was extremely stiff! I am new to blogging, and tend to concentrate more on showcasing my creations, more than the blogging, so essentially, its not a huge shock that I did not advance.  There are far better bloggers out there, and I wish all the luck to my fellow Foodbuzz publishers! 

Now on to the Pumpkin Cookies.  I was craving them something awful!!! Its fall and I love pumpkin... and when I say love, I mean full on, head over heels, over the moon, LOVE everything pumpkin.  I was thinking I might even do an entire month of ONLY pumpkin inspired desserts... but... we'll see! hahah.  Being that I am strict with my caloric intake, I had to find a pumpkin cookie that I could eat without the guilt!

These little "pillows" were made with half wheat, half white flour, brown sugar, lite maple syrup, pumpkin, an egg, and a bunch of spices. They were flattened out so that they were thin, but BOY were they thick! haha.  They certainly tasted healthy, but not terrible!

Even the batter was dense, so I knew they were going to be different.  "Pillows" because they didnt have the consistency of a cookie, and they didnt really have the consistency of cake either.. it was in between, and very pillow like.

They basically kept the same shape that they were laid out in.  Which was interesting. But they were definitely full of pumpkin happiness!! Spicy goodness and Autumn joy!!

They were missing something though, a little extra sweetness. They were in fact "healthy" so obviously, they needed a little more flavor (not always the case, but I will admit, these needed some help).  I naturally had some vanilla buttercream in the fridge.  I couldn't call myself a baker if there weren't a little bit on hand! :-)

It made ALL the difference.  I only ate one with the buttercream, since technically I should not indulge THAT much!  But they certainly hit the spot!  I wrapped the rest up for the co-workers and left a few un-iced for myself!  They went over fairly well, but I think it was my "famous" buttercream that had them drooling! ;-)

I must say... one thing is for sure, they curbed my pumpkin craving... for now!!!!!!!!

More Weight Watchers treats to come, so be prepared! ;-)

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  1. What were the points, and point me to the recipe!!!