Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Short and Sweet - Not just me, but my blog too!

I have a philosophy when it comes to my baking. Anyone can follow a recipe, but there is a secret ingredient that a true baker adds without even thinking about it; Happiness. You can’t fake it, you can’t create it, and you can’t buy it. It’s just the feeling you can’t help but possess when you have a whisk in your hand, a bowl of batter in your arms, and an apron on that’s caked in flour. It’s the warmth that you feel inside; not from the oven, but from the joy of making something that you know will make someone else happy! As author Ana Pascal said, “I figured if I was going to make the world a better place, I’d do it with cookies” (not to mention, cakes, cupcakes, pies, or anything else that I can whip up).

Snickers Cheesecake

I’ve been baking since I was a little girl. First, just helping my mom mix the batter until I was old enough to use the oven. The way the smells and the heat filled the house, made me feel happy and comfortable. However, it wasn’t till I was much older before I realized that I could turn those feelings into desserts, that when tasted, could infuse those same feelings into the individual consuming it. Not to mention the pure delight that it gives me while making them!

When I taught myself how to decorate a cake, I unleashed an artistic side I didn’t know I had. In the newly popular art of cake decorating, the mantra tends to be, “Go big or go home”, making and creating the most elaborate cakes and displays to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd. For me however, I want my cakes to stand out by the way they look, but I want myself as the baker to stand out by the way they taste!

Tim Burton themed black and white topsy turvy
 As a contestant in Project Food Blog, I want to showcase my baking based on what it means to me. Those who follow my blog know that my posts are short, and DEFINITELY sweet!! :-) I like to highlight the details of my work and share the personal stories behind each confection that I create. I keep it simple and let the photos do most of the talking. When I make a cake, or cupcakes or pies, whatever it may be, I grab the recipient with the way it looks, but I hold onto them by the way it tastes. That’s how I write my blog too. It looks yummy so you want to read about it, but you keep reading it because you know you won’t be disappointed!

Looking forward to sharing more with you!


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  2. Those cakes are gorgeous! I voted!!

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  3. From one baker to another, best of luck in the challenge... just sent one vote your way! :)

  4. Great post, those cakes look amazing. :-)

    I voted, good luck!

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  5. OMG.....They all look so amazing and Since I have tired your cakes before, I know they all taste amazing....I just voted....We gotta talk about me ordering one of those lol!

  6. Your cakes are beautiful masterpieces! Good luck!

  7. Great post! So wonderful getting to know you better! Voted! :)

  8. Wow, cake decorating is not easy for us. We could learn a few things from you!

  9. Love it!! Good luck in the competition, I just voted for ya =)

  10. Wow! Your cakes are amazing. Your black and white topsy turvy is one of my favorites. Good luck in the competition. You've got my vote. :)