Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Pyrex Balloon Whisk

As part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, I received 3 new Pyrex items to give a try.  The first one that I want to showcase here is the Pyrex Balloon Whisk!

I just happened to be craving cupcakes (shocker, I know), so I thought, what better opportunity to show off the whisk then through making some yummy cupcakes.  Since I know better than to just randomly indulge myself in cupcakes, I made the low cal/low fat kind...As you have read on here before... the diet soda/seltzer cupcakes!! :-) But enough about the cupcakes, this post is to tell you about the whisk!! Since the low guilt cupcakes only have 2 ingredients, the whisk was perfect in a pinch!

I might even say that the whisk worked faster than my mixer.  I cant believe those words just came from my fingers, but it really did mix up VERY quickly!!!  The large handle makes for a nice grip.

They say the whisk is used best for whipping cream and eggs... which, given the consistency my batter came out, I could see that it would work great on eggs and make whipping cream super quick and easy!

The best thing about the Pyrex Balloon Whisk, is that it has these silicone edges that make scrapping the bowl a breeze.  No metal edges to scratch your bowls, It has a thick edge that really picks up the batter, which is awesome.
See how clean the side of that bowl looks?  It was great! The silicone apparently also makes the life of the whisk a longer as well, so you cant beat that!

All in all, i've gotta say... being a part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program, and having the opportunity to try out the Pyrex Balloon Whisk is pretty excellent.  Anyone who needs a good whisk, I highly recommend it! :-)

Oh and, take a look at those yummy cupcakes!! :-)

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