Monday, August 13, 2012

Chewy and Gooey Oreo Bars

I saw these on Bakergirl's Blog and had to make them... I knew I would eat the entire batch, so I made them for Johnny's guy friends... they are devouring them as I type this... I have to admit... I ate 2 before I even brought the plate into them! haha

They are SUPER easy to make... Ready for this... 3 ingredients and no baking!!!  I only got one picture, so it's going to be a short post!!

This picture doesnt do them justice... I guess I will have to make them again to get better pictures ;-)

So here's the recipe...
1 Package of Oreo's (crushed and crumbled, but not ground)
I bag of Large marshmallows
4 Tbsp of Butter

Crush up those Oreos and set aside... In a microwave safe bowl melt the butter and the marshmallows... about 2 minutes, but keep your eye on them, they expand... take out of the microwave and mix together, add cookies, keep mixing until well combined... some mix until all black, I like them chunky like this!  Pour into a square pan lined with foil (my advice, grease up the foil a little, I had a hard time with mine and was wishing I greased).  Cut into bars and serve!  Make sure to enjoy one or two before you share, or you might not get any!!

Enjoy!! and thank you Bakergirl for sharing the recipe! (check out her blog, she has yummy things and takes yummy looking photos!!)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gracie's Second Birthday - Candyland

My special little munchkin Gracie Face Fury turned 2 years old this week... I cant believe she is 2, it feels like yesterday we were anxiously awaiting a call from her mommy and daddy to tell us she was here... Her "Deannie" makes her a cake every year!!  This year her mommy decided to do a Candyland theme... we kept the decorations somewhat simple, but the cake itself had a lot going on, and it was all good!!!

Ok... so now you know what it looks like... let me tell you what is inside... It all started with a cupcake that I had a couple months ago, and a decision to make it my own...

I started with crushed pretzels, some sugar and melted butter... and pressed it into the bottom of a cake pan...

Then I poured your standard chocolate cake batter on top...

Baked it... obviously... and this is what came out...

I made two of these... and the pretzel sides were to be the middle... but we couldn't just have pretzel middle so I made my special Peanut Butter cream... which is Natural Peanut Butter, confectioners sugar, milk, and in this case... crushed Tagalong Girl Scout cookies... yes, you read that right!!

The pretzel side of the top layer went pretzel down so that the middle of the cake was pretzel, peanut butter, pretzel... then I covered the wonderful creation with Caramel buttercream... The thick caramel is dark and makes the icing beige, so I dyed it pink.

I was out of fondant and needed to decorate this puppy to look like candyland... while at the grocery store I saw a bag of Airheads and a light bulb went off... I cut the Airheads to make the blocks... I put candy dots along the "path" and gooey gum drops along the bottom... some starlights and lollipops and we were all set!!

The birthday girl loved it...

And the adults sure did too!!  I told my DH as I was making it that this might be the best tasting cake I've ever made, and he told me to wait to try it before I make that claim... well I can honestly say, I was right!! ;-)

Its like chocolate covered, peanut butter filled pretzels!!! YUP!