Friday, August 19, 2011

Its been awhile... here are a couple cakes!

SO its been awhile, and maybe i just havent been baking as much, but the past few weeks have been busy!! So here they are!!

First up... Katie's Baby Shower Cake... It was a dense chocolate cake with Peanut Butter buttercream... Topped with fondant, and hand-sculpted fondant creatures.  The creatures were accented with edible marker.  The sides were done with fondant seaweed and starfish... and some bubbles!

Next was Nicole's Bridal Shower... Her colors are Orange and White for her awesome Fall wedding that is just around the corner!!!

The cake was another dense chocolate one, but filled with canolli cream and iced with vanilla buttercream, then topped with fondant.  All decorations are fondant as well!

Third was Gracie's First Birthday... she got a special cupcake, but here is her cake for the adults.  The cake was peanut butter cake, with peanut butter filling, and iced with marshmallow buttercream (my favorite!).  The cupcakes on the cake were cut from sugar sheets, and written on with edible marker.

Its been busy... but this happens... I also did a fondant baby and another 1st cupcake... didnt have my camera, so I am waiting on those pictures, and will share when I get one!!