Monday, December 6, 2010

Jordyn's 2nd Birthday Elmo Cake

It's Elmo's world... and what better way to do an elmo cake than with some "Sesame Street's" and blocks.

My Elmo seemed a bit on the chunky side, but we'll just call him baby Elmo.  The block fronts were pretty uniform, and I wanted to include as much color as possible for the birthday girl.

The cake was vanilla with strawberry filling covered in vanilla buttercream and then green fondant.

Jordyn spelled out in block fronts... Little Elmo and his number 2 Block next to him. Green balls outline the bottom.

A number 2 block face in the back and the gray streets of Sesame laid across.

I am falling in love with making kids cakes.  It is so fulfilling knowing that it will brighten the little one's face when they see it.  Plus I get to use tons of colors and fun characters. My last Elmo cake was on a sheet cake, this was great to make a 3D one too.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

John Deer and Farm Animal Cake and Cupcakes

I just realized how long it has been since I blogged... WOW... I have a lot to get done!!!  Lets start with Mason's John Deere Farm Animal Cake and cupcakes...

Simple carrot cake with cream cheese filling and frosting, covered in fondant.  All the animals and the John Deere tractor were hand sculpted from fondant.

Piggy on the side...

Cow on the side....

  Horse on the side...

Sheep on the side..

 Horse, cow, sheep, pig and tractor... all made of fondant.  Hay Bails made from fondant as well.

Sorry for the blurry pic, but a bit of a closeup on the tractor...

The animal cupcakes.  Marble cupcakes with green vanilla buttercream icing.  All animals are sculpted from fondant.  Some animals are 3D and some are 2D faces only.

I loved making these cupcakes, they were so much fun!  It was a lot of fondant, but worth every minute.  Had contemplated putting Mason's name on the cake, but felt it was too crowded.  All in all, I think everything went well, and my new client seemed pleased.
Happy birthday Mason!