Monday, September 20, 2010

60th Wedding Anniversary - Simple Elegance

I was a little confused with my current contest, if I could blog aside from the challenges, but apparently I can, so here we go...

Last weekend we celebrated my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.  A wedding milestone that not many people reach.  I had originally started thinking extravagant when trying to come up with a cake design, but then a simple buttercream cake was requested, as my grandparents didn't want too much of a fuss.  As soon as I heard the word simple, I thought "simple elegance"... A phrase I hear often on food shows, home decorating shows, and even wedding dress shows (yes, I watch them all)...

So the first thing that came to my mind in make a cake simply elegant, was white... White cake with white icing, and white flowers!! CALLA LILIES!!! I've been dying to make gum paste Calla Lilies, so here was the perfect chance.  I also read that the 60th anniversary is known as the Diamond Anniversary.  PERFECT!! I found a website that sells sugar diamonds, Diamond Party Confetti, and thought of a way to incorporate them as well.

(photo courtesy of Robert Yaskovic Photography)

(photo courtesy of Robert Yaskovic Photography)
The wonderful sweet smells of sugar and cake came flooding out of the box when my grandmother opened, her face filling with happiness.  No one could wait to tear into it.

(Close-up on the Calla Lilies)

(close-up on the diamonds)
The happy couple relived their wedding day...

and the cake was sliced into...

All in all, it was an excellent day... a beautiful party, filled with many memorable moments!  I'll never forget the amazing opportunity to be involved in such a monumental day for my wonderful grandparents, as being their granddaughter, but as also being the person to make their cake, "that tasted better than the one on the day!"

They are an inspiration for longevity, commitment, fidelity, and happiness!  Congratulations Blankie and Pa!

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