Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grace's Baptismal FlufferNutter Cake

My dear "niece by association", Grace Margaret Fury was baptized Sunday, October 2nd.  She was a vision in her gown and slept through everything.

Her cake needed to be as beautiful, elegant, and delicate as she is... (not that that is possible, but I did my best!).

The flavor was something new I came up with on a whim, shared with Gracie's mama, who LOVED the idea, and the FlufferNutter cake was born. 
I made peanut butter flavored cake, put peanut butter cream on one side, sprinkled with chopped peanuts...

and then put marshmallow fluff on the other side...

put both sides together, covered with marshmallow buttercream and then decorated with fondant.  Yes... ALL OF THAT!!!!!

All covered in white fondant... no coloring.  The cross was cut from fondant, the oval is a cutout with her name inscribed with icing, and little round "pearls" that I rolled by hand to outline the oval. Two baby rosebuds sat on top.

 There was an overlay of fondant to resemble a pillow/blanket effect...  the bottom portion being indented with stitch markings for texture.

Close-up of the tiny rosebuds.

Once the cake was cut into, it oozed marshmallow fluff

And was devoured!

Gracie slept through the cake portion of the day too, but she's too tiny to have any, so it was ok.   And, in roughly 9 more months or so, I'm looking forward to making her first birthday cake!

On a side note, my apologies for being lax in the posts... I have a bunch more to come!

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