Saturday, October 16, 2010

Autumn Cupcakes - Candy Pumpkin inside

After a cake tasting that I did for an upcoming wedding, I had a ridiculous amount of cream cheese icing left over, so I needed something to make.  Given the wonderful fall weather, what better than Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes!  I wanted to make them a little more Autumn, so why not add some candy corns and candy pumpkins.  First though, I had to get the batter going.

I wanted to do some sort of filling, but something different, so I baked a candy pumpkin inside.

I also wanted to change up the classic Cream Cheese icing, so I added some maple syrup and cinnamon for a Cinnamon/Maple Cream Cheese icing. sweet, but light and creamy!

I decorated with lots of pumpkins and corns, in patterns that remind me of pinwheels.

This one is a flower! :-)

And when you cut it open, it has a pumpkin inside.  It was something new for me, a trail and error, if you will... but i like to think, minus the error!  It came out perfect. The pumpkin stayed in tact, with a bit of the sugar caramelizing around it, making it very chewy inside, but holding onto its pumpkin integrity.  It was a nice little surprise.

These are guaranteed to bring you to the dentist, but they were yummy and definitely fit for the season. I'm already thinking of what I can bake tomorrow!!! :-)  It is the best time of year for baking! That's for sure!

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