Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Peanut Butter and Jelly Cupcakes

You read it right... mmmhmmmm... Another of Johnny's food favorites, and I do live to make him happy!!! :-)

I cant take full credit... I got the recipe from Martha... she is wonderful!!! Stewart of course! Though I did have to adjust a couple things for lack of ingredients... and since it was a "snow day creation", I wasn't running out to the store.

Peanut Butter flavored cake... from scratch... peanut butter buttercream (I do have my own recipe for this, but I can give this one a whirl for variation!)... and grape jelly.

I am trying to behave with my eating, so I made mini cupcakes too that I could try without feeling too guilty... and they were the most perfect morsels... but they didn't have the jelly going into the cake, not enough room... but I will let the pics explain!  Let the drooling begin!

I think i'm getting a good start at what will be on the menu in my cupcake shop... whenever that happens! haha... Happy Cupcake Snow Day!

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