Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Football and my version of "Hostess" Cupcakes

Everyone always raves about my chocolate cupcakes filled with vanilla cream and topped with the same yummy cream on top. I've always called them my version of the "Hostess" Cupcake.  When I had to make dessert for the Superbowl party, the consensus was to make my Hostess cupcakes... so I decided to make them a little more "authentic".  The cake was chocolate, they were filled with vanilla cream and then topped with rich chocolate ganache, twice!  I used the vanilla cream to decorate the cupcakes with footballs, Superbowl notes, and the classic Hostess swirls.

But I still had to make them fun for a football party!

I used the vanilla cream inside to decorate the ganache on top as well.

Green Bay and Pittsburg!

The "Hostess" swirls.

Shiny ganache

And the "Hostess" football...

They went over very well... 2 Dozen went pretty fast, especially when guests claimed their seconds or thirds to bring home with them.

I wish I had one of them right now! so yummy!

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