Sunday, February 13, 2011

Maya's Dora and Diego Cake

The niece of my friend Danny was having a birthday, so he asked if I could do a Dora and Diego cake.  I hadn't done a 3D Dora cake yet, so you know I was excited about this one.

The cake was classic... chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream filling and icing.  The cake was covered in purple fondant, and decorated with fondant stars and polka dots. The parameter of the cake was adorned with purple fondant balls and on top, the cake had two hand sculpted figures. Dora and Diego.  They sat atop a green fondant patch that was surrounded by lavender flowers.  Maya's name was blocked out on top as well.

Close-up on Dora and Diego figures.

It was a fun cake to make, and a quick one for me.  The more of these children's cakes that I make where I have artistic freedom on design, the faster I bang them out!  I guess practice makes perfect.

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  1. Your Dora cake is just adorable! Are the figures made out of Fondant?