Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sugar Cookies Galore!

I made these for co-workers this week... I really wanted to just give them a try, see if I could decorate cookies as well.... but I've got to be honest, I wasn't too pleased with how they looked.  But, I also didn't spend a lot of time trying to get them just right, so here they are... kind of boring, but they tasted all right.  The other thing I should mention... I am not a big fan of cookie as a rule.  Oreo's are about the only ones that I am defenseless against... and maybe a really good peanut butter one, but otherwise I can pass! Sooo... they tasted just ok to me too, but my co-workers LOVED them, and ate the whole plate!  I was impressed, however, with the fact that they stayed soft and didn't harden up to be bricks.  The icing was sweet, but its supposed to be, and that actually hardened perfectly. All in all, in terms of a cookie I was pleased, although I really just needed to spend more time decorating them.

Tomorrow is my beautiful niece Gwen's 8th birthday (well actually today as I write this after 12)... I can not believe she is going to be eight.  She wanted to make her cake with her grandma which I think is the cutest thing ever... but I did offer to bring cookies to have as well.  SO here they started.. I used the same molds that I used last time, but was determined to make it work better!  You can see the detail in the bunny, all i would have to do was follow the lines basically with the icing.  I could make it and put it in bags and pipe it.  That seemed the best option.
And it was!!! I am soooo much happier with how these turned out and the time that I put into them was worth it... I love the bunnies, and the detail in the Happy Easter.  The eggs are cute, but honestly the designs got monotonous and boring, so I improvised and made a few eggs however I wanted!!!

Here are a bunch that I made just as eggs...

A special cookie for the birthday girl!

One for her sister Mere!

And one for little man Jake!

All in all I say we have success!!! Maybe I can do cookies!!
Tomorrow, Cream Puffs and Canolli's!!!

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