Monday, March 29, 2010

Double Chocolate Hazelnut

An old friend of mine asked if I had a recipe for a hazelnut cake with hazelnut icing... I did not, but it made me determined to find one... I didnt... haha... not one that sounded like something I would like, so I made my own. Instead of a cake, I made cupcakes (as I explained yesterday works better for taste testing and keeping away loads of calories).

Here is the result... I made the icing a double whipped buttercream.  Its hazelnut and chocolate.  The chocolate cake has hazelnut flavor in it as well... not a lot ut enough to get the flavor.  These puppies are the full fat variety, so I made John be the taste tester. He was full, so he only had a bite, but he said they were yummy... he was slightly worried, not being a huge hazelnut fan, but he said it wasnt overwhelming and had the perfect texture.  I brought them to work today as I had promised my project team that I would be delivering these to them... my boss had icing all over his face, and one of my co-workers inhaled the thing so fast that no one even saw him take a bite.  I take that as a very good sign!

Normally I would have filled the cupcake with the icing as well.. but I was being cheap and didnt feel like making more!  But you can see how fluffy the cake is! :-)

All in all, I think it was a great success and will be added to my flavor list.

I have a client next month who wants a chocolate cake with a cookies and cream buttercream, which i am REALLY excited to make.  Those cupcake testers will be on display next week.  She also asked if I do favors... like cookies... soooooo... I am going to try that out now... we'll see how that goes... if I find I dont have all the ingredients, I will do them tomorrow night! (i have to get her an answer, but I want to make sure I CAN do them before I commit to it!)

Have a Sweet Night!!

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