Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

While speaking with a friend and trying to convince her that she should write a blog, she ended up convincing me that I should.  My dream is to own a bakery/cafe where I sell cupcakes and cappucinos and tarts and teas, while providing WiFi and a comfy place to meet with friends.  My custom cakes can be ordered for all occassions and people will go to great lengths just to have one of my cakes, and walk out with a signature cupcake as well.

Unfortunately, the key in that paragraph is "dream"... I do hope that someday I will make that dream a reality, and not only hope, but when I can will actively persue... until then... I will blog!  I will blog about the cakes I make.. I will try to bake something new once a week (whether commissioned or not)... and I will blog about baked goods that I love and designs that I envy... I will blog!

So what better day to start this new adventure than on one of my favorite holidays... St. Patty's Day!!  When I was in Ireland in 2003, one of my favorite things to eat was Brown Bread... OH MY!!! So yummy!  In an attempt to not let this blog make me gain ridiculous amounts of weight, I will find some low-fat recipes as well.  Most breads do not scream low fat, but I lucked out and found a Brown Soda Bread recipe in Cooking Light Magazine.  Only 160 calories, less than 2 grams of fat, and if you follow Weight Watchers, only 3 points per slice! Which is good for this kind of bread.

It accompanied a crock pot Corned Beef complete with Potatoes, cabbage and a nice cold bottle of Guinness.  An Irish feast fit for a Gaelic queen.

Well, if anyone even reads this, I hope you enjoyed my first post... and Slàinte!

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  1. I read it, it looks great and your dinner tonight sounds wonderful I will link you to my blog tomorrow Good luck with your dream!!!