Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lila's Farm

I was given the opportunity to create a farm scene for little Lila's second birthday.  She doesnt have a favorite animal, she likes them all.  Lila's mom really liked a cake that she saw here on Sandra's Cakes, so I did my best to accommodate.

The flavor was decided to be chocolate cake with Cookies and Cream buttercream, which I was really excited about... it basically tasted like a mashed up Oreo, which is exactly what I was going for.
It was originally going to be a 2 layer, but I knew it wasn't going to be enough height, so I threw in an additional layer and easily applied a crumb coating... I am getting better at that every time.

The scene was going to be sky and grass so I had to add the blue fondant layer first. Luckily I didnt have to worry about creases on the bottom since the grass would cover it.
I didnt take a picture of the grass layer but you will see it from the other pictures.  The best part are the animals anyway.  The cake was divided into fours basically... so I put four picket fences, with four sets of cow, pig, and sheep heads.  Four trees and four sets of tall grass with flowers.
The top of the cake had a cow print cloud for the little girl and baby animals to sit on... I somehow became psychic and put the little girl in a red dress... When I arrived to drop off the cake, little Lila had a red dress on! I was most pleased with how the hair came out!!  I added a little rubber ducky which Lila fell in love with when she saw it.  I wasnt sure if it was appropriate to add the utters to the cow, but I couldnt resist! It made it more authentic!
I dont think I have ever been more pleased with how a cake turned out!  We had discussed a banner, but it was going to be too difficult to have it stay up, so I went with another approach.
Thought it added a nice finished touch, and Lila's mom loved it!  Delivery was rough as it went to the Upper West Side in Manhattan.  I made John drived, which added for a few nice tense moments when the directions got crazy, but once ironed out turned into a nice drive with each other.

A big thanks to his sister for getting me the new client, who may have gotten me some more clients as she passed out all the business cards I gave her.. WOOHOO!!!

Happy Birthday Lila!

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  1. a true work of art!!! Us Farmvillers love it!!!