Sunday, April 11, 2010

Collections Vol. I - Buttercream

I am going to be blogging some past cakes that I have done to keep things interesting around here and somewhat current... I have my cakes on my Facebook, but its a private account, so here is a place I can showcase some of my favorite works for all to see!! I technically create web pages for a living... do you really think i want to "pay" for one when blogger is free? haha

This first collection will be of the buttercream cakes I have done.  To the first one that I did for my Wilton class, to the first commissioned cake I have ever done!

The Wilton Cake... it was a great class, learned some fun tips, and came out with an EXCELLENT recipe from the teacher... its all done in buttercream, even the flowers! The flowers were definitely the best part of that class!
After making this, I pretty much demanded to make my mom's birthday cake... I had the perfect idea in mind... I wanted to try basketweave and she loves baskets... She was turning 53 that year and so I made her 53 flowers.. 50 of the little pink ones, and 3 yellow roses (my dad has been getting her yellow roses for years, so I thought it fiting)
Here is the detail on the basketweave.
It came out ok... I was pleased, and if memory serves so was she.

Next came my first commissioned cake.  A workout buddy found out that I did cakes and he and his fiance needed a cake for their engagement party.  They needed a large sheet cake and were looking for a beach theme as their party and everything about them was very beachy.  I did the cake in half vanilla and half chocolate with pudding centers... the icing was all vanilla buttercream. The sand was made from graham cracker crumbs and the shells were molded of peanut butter chips and white chocolate.
Soon after my friends were spreading the word and I was being asked to make numerous kinds of cakes.  I did my first fondant cake shortly after the beach cake (fondant will be the next series), and I think I have improved more and more with each cake.

Here are some of the other sheet cakes of buttercream I have done.  The santa face was made from a sheet cake that i cut into the shape you see it in.  That cake had pounds and pounds of buttercream... it was a diabetic nightmare, but sooo yummy (from what my client told me).  The Elmo was a first birthday party.  I drew elmo on the cake and then colored him in with buttercream in whispy strokes to make him look furry!  The football field was requested by the same friend that asked for the beach cake.  He was going to superbowl party and the host was a Cardinals fan.  The footballs were made from a chocolate mold and I made the cardinal head from a piece of fondant that i put out, and painted with food coloring... all freehand.

I hope that you enjoyed this installment of Collections.  Next up will be Fondant cakes!

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