Friday, July 6, 2012

Back in a Big Way!!

I have been gone for far too long!!! I do apologize... but I am back with my summer kick-off staple!  BLUEBERRY PIE!!!!

I know its already July... does it count as a summer kick-off? Well it does for me... I was busy getting married and travelling Ireland on honeymoon!!

So I have been pinning amazing recipes on Pinterest, and have vowed to make something once a week... I know this will inevitably turn out to be once every other week, or something like that, but we can try!!!

It was 4th of July, and it wouldn't be 4th of July without my Blueberry Pie... so I ran out, got the BEST ripe blueberries I could find, and I turned out a pie in just an hour! GO ME!

Here is it pre-bake...

I have FINALLY learned from previous disasters, not to overfill the pie... I always have overflow, and it kills my oven (though I was smart this time and put foil down, just in case), but it also makes for a sloppy looking pie...

Not this time!!!

So pretty... the crust browned perfectly, the smell was divine, and pie was just lovely!! I packed it up in my Grandma Bonnie's two pie basket, and headed to the BBQ...

Needless to say everyone enjoyed the pie...

I do love baking!!!

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