Monday, June 7, 2010

Special Treat

My amazing and wonderful boyfriend was having a very rough week at work, so I wanted to make him a special treat to feel better!  Guys aren't into flowers like us ladies are, at least not many of the guys I know... but I do know they love food.  I also know that my sweethearts two favorite treats are chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter cups... sooo... this is what I came up with... Chocolate chip cookie peanut butter cups!!

First I made chocolate chip cookie dough batter, and then pressed it into mini muffin tins, just enough to cover the bottom of each cup, and and pressed my thumb into it to make a little indent... then I piped in melted Reese's peanut butter chips into the indent and covered with more cookie dough, and baked!

As I mentioned, I used the mini muffin tin, so they were small like peanut butter cups... just a little bigger!

I drizzled the top with more melted peanut butter chips, which hardened nicely as it cooled.

Its hard to see the gooey center, but when still warm, it was all gooey! and yummy! A two-biter, or if you are my dear boyfriend, a single biter!

Quite a success! He was very happy, took a few to lunch with him every day, and they were gone in a flash...

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