Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chocolate Canolli Cupcakes

These were very simple, but very rich.  I whipped up a batch of simple chocolate cake batter... nothing crazy, nothing too special... Then I made some canolli cream... which for being an Irish girl, is actually pretty good... smooth, just the right sweetness, texture, the whole nine.  I added some mini chocolate chips, which made piping the first couple a chore, but I figured it out.  I filled the cooled cupcakes with the canolli cream and allowed a little of the filling to peak out the top as I had decided from the get go to not ice them.  Icing would have been too heavy and too sweet.  I know what you are thinking, can a "sweet" be too sweet... in my book, yes!  I like them just sweet enough that you want some cold milk to accompany, but not to get through it!! So... I just dusted the cupcakes with powdered sugar, and viola... served!

P.S... they were best served cold... but then I had to re-sugar the tops... but that actually made for a nice little glaze under the fresh dusting! Sometimes goof-ups and good! ;-)

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