Sunday, April 3, 2011

Toy Story Cake - Logan's Birthday

It was my little buddy Logan's 3rd birthday coming up, and he climbed into my lap and said... Jeannie, will you make me a Buzz and Woody cake???  Those adorable big brown eyes are impossible to say no to (not that I would have anyway)... So I started studying Woody and Buzz and a cake was made!!

The cake was chocolate, filling with chocolate pudding, iced with chocolate buttercream and covered with blue fondant.

I sculpted both figures out of dyed fondant, and even cut the clouds by hand!

 Buzz's space helmet was the plastic half of a prize from a gumball machine!!! :-)

Here is Buzz without his helmet

Happy Birthday Logan in Toy Story Font...

Toy Story 3 and Logan is 3... it all just worked perfectly.  His mom is going to post some pictures of him with his cake, so I will post those when I see them!  His face was priceless as he looked for me through the crowd, with his eyes all big and awesome, found me and said... THANK YOU JEANNIE!  ITS BUZZ!

He is the epitome of why I make these cakes!! :-)


  1. good for you and Logan!!!! It looks fabulous!

  2. It was so cool... I can't believe the amount of detail in the characters. At first glance, I thought they were dolls. You are an artist. AMAZING job Jeannie. Oh...It didn't only look good it was YUMMY too!