Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Caramel Apple Pie Cupcakes

I keep coming up with cupcake ideas randomly... and luckily with all these snow days I have to take, I have plenty of time to try some of them out. So what did I have in the cabinet... a box of cake mix, a can of seltzer, everything for icing (always), caramel and apples... hmm OK.. Got it!

The Caramel Apple Pie Cupcake

SO first I made the apple filling... I diced up the apples really tiny, added some butter, brown sugar and cinnamon... put it all in a frying pan and sauteed until I felt they were the perfect consistency.  Then I made the cake.  Very simple.. a box of Spice Cake and a can of seltzer (mix and done... its my favorite way to make cake when I am just trying things out... and tastes so good, why not!) When the cupcakes were cooled, I put a little hole in the middle and filled it with caramel... then I made a caramel and sea salt buttercream and topped the cupcake, leaving a well for the apples... spooned some apples in the center, drizzled with caramel and decided to throw some salted peanuts on top.

Tough to eat because its so top heavy, so we ate the second one with a spoon.  They were super sweet, but the salty peanuts and the slight hints of salt in the buttercream set it off, just enough!

I have other apple ideas... so keep looking for more!

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