Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Maeve's Purple Cows

A friend from high school found me on Facebook and fell for my cakes (can you blame her? hehe) When her daughters second birthday rolled around, she reached out and told me about her daughters obsession with cows, which includes daily viewing of cows on YouTube.  She is also very fond of purple.  So where did my mind go to except cows with purple spots and LOTS of purple flowers for them to be surrounded by.

The cake was three layers of carrot with cream cheese icing filling and of course covered in purple fondant.

I made one of my classic sitting cows (with purple spots instead of black) and a standing cow with a cute little tail that you will see in another pic.  They sit on top of a layer on "grass" with multiple shades of purple flowers.

 Around the sides were cow faces and blades of grass covered the bottom perimeter.

 The cake as a whole.

There are those cute tails.

Maeve loved her cake, and I was informed that she told everyone at the party that they were HER cows!  There's nothing like making a 2 year old's birthday special!

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