Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Classic Pooh Baby Shower Cake

A friend/boss/teacher from college contacted via Facebook from Colorado to ask me to make a baby shower cake for a dear friend of hers.  My first thought was, YES... but how am I going to get the cake to Colorado?  When she explained that she would be coming to NY for the party, and would pick it up, my next thought was, YES... what's the theme???

Baby/Little kid cakes are becoming very fun for me... the designs and themes are fun, the colors are exciting, and in my life, there seems to be a baby being born or a kid having a birthday just about every minute of every day lately. This particular cake, though lighter in colors, was going to be an awesome design.  Classic Pooh! Timeless!  I looked around on the web and found a few references, not nearly as many as I thought I would find... but one stood out for me big time.  It was a two-tiered round cake with Pooh on top holding an umbrella, and Piglet attached to the side.  There were a few honey pots and bees.  I mixed it up a little.

First off, the cake was to be two-tiered square with vanilla cake, cherry filling and vanilla buttercream.  The main fondant color was a light pastel shade of green.  Instead of the umbrella, I concentrated on the honey pots, which I thought I could incorporate more aspects of the cake into.  And, whats Classic Pooh without ALL the characters... Sure who doesnt love Pooh and Piglet... but who doesnt love Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, AND Eeyore even more?!?!?!

I had the honey pots overflowing with allowed for the "honey" to be spilling over the sides and "collecting" as a border around the two bases on the tiers.  I prefer my cakes to have a finished edge, and look attached, rather then just one cake on top of another, seeing the seams throughout!  Call it personal preference.

Here are close-ups on the characters:

And here is another angle, which shows the fourth corner stacked with more honey pots...
The bees were 3D as well... they stuck to the sides, and I used edible markers to draw the "bee trails" on.

As a special gift to the Mommy-To-Be, my friend asked if I could also make a "take-home" mini cake for her with the same theme.  This one I left Pooh alone with his honey pots and surrounding bees.

As usual, my attention to details made the construction of the cake take a lot longer than I figured it would, but I think the late night paid off in the end... and the clients were all happy, so I that makes me happy!!

Stay Tuned for Natalia's 1st birthday cake... lots of girly colors, flowers, dots and swirls!!!


  1. As the daddy to be of the cake I can tell you first hand that the cake was fantastic and tasted as good as it looked. My wife and I were thrilled to receive and share the cake with friends!

  2. Thank you so much... I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!

  3. This cake is beautiful and finally you got what you want.Nice work.