Friday, May 6, 2011

Nicole's 30th Birthday Almond Joy Cupcakes

My best friend turned 30 in April... I will turn 30 in June... we are inseparable... I was her maid of honor, she will be my matron of honor next year... whatever Nicole wants, I try to give her cause I love her and I couldn't imagine life without her!!!

For her big birthday bash she told me that she wanted Almond Joy cupcakes, so I went to work...

Vanilla cake (i know what you are thinking, but wait for it) strewn with toasted coconut in the cake.  Filled with a rich chocolate ganache... topped with a coconut buttercream and dipped in shaved almonds and more toasted coconut.  It sounds like a lot of coconut, but it was subtle enough that it wasn't over powering... People that didn't even like coconut ate them, and even went back for more!! ;-)

So moist, and so yum!!

Happy birthday bestie!! I love your guts!

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