Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meet The Parents Trifle

So last weekend was the meeting between the parents.  My parents came over to meet John's parents, and luckily everything went well!!! You never know how people will get along, even when you couldnt imagine that they wouldnt, you just never know.  John's mom and I planned the menu one night when I was decorating a robot cake. As I was cutting chunks and chunks of chocolate cake off the base to make the shape of the robot, Betty decided there was no way we could let the cake go to waste, so she said... why not a Trifle?!?! So there it was!

It was her idea, so it was up to me to execute... I made 3 layers of chocolate cake, vanilla pudding, sliced strawberries, and cool whip.  It was huge as you can see, and it was amazingly yummy!

Layers of sweet goodness!

SO overall, the meeting went very well... there was a lot of laughter, great stories, and yummy food!  It was a huge relief to know that our parents get along and we're all looking forward to the next get together!

I need to bake and blog more... and I will... I promise!  I have 3 cakes coming up, and I have a few other things to bake as well... so stay tuned!

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  1. being one of the parents I have to say I love Betty and John and the next visit can't come soon enough The left over trifle was equally delish, thanks for sending it home with us!!!